SignalPoint Communications, Inc., a cloud based enterprise voice and data solutions company, is leveraging their extensive infrastructure by offering advanced Wi-Fi services to customers and Telecom Partners in over 450 wired and wireless broadband enabled buildings in the Tri-State And New York City area.

SignalPoint will allow its customers and partners to roam onto their Wi-Fi network as they rollout the service in their buildings. “Today’s smartphone and portable computing devices require access to a reliable and robust broadband network”, said Lisa LaBonville, Vice President of Product Development, “By entering into roaming agreements with our telecom partners, they will be able to alleviate congestion on their mobile networks.”

SignalPoint’s initial rollout includes providing Wi-Fi services at a prominent midtown Manhattan building. The location was chosen to demonstrate the capabilities of the network by providing services to potentially thousands of people outside Grand Central Terminal, the second busiest rail station in the United States. Users simply select the SignalPoint Wi-Fi Network and have unlimited Wi-Fi access.

Following the initial deployment, SignalPoint plans to build out additional “Hot” zones throughout New York City and other key markets in the Northeast and Chicago.

About SignalPoint Communications™ Founded in 1999, SignalPoint Communications™ is a cloud based managed service provider. The company provides managed services to businesses throughout the U.S., including point-to-point connections, Ethernet VLAN, Internet, VoIP, Wireless Solutions (4G Wi-Fi), networking services, E-mail, private data networking, and security solutions. In addition, SignalPoint has a dedicated Events division and Professional Services organization. The company also provides complete wholesale telecom services, including domestic and international origination / DID’s, domestic and international terminations, mobile VOIP solutions, SMS enables DID’s, prepaid services, and mobile application development support. The company is renowned for using state of the art technology in order to give its business customers the competitive edge they need to succeed in a demanding and ever changing global market.

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