M2 nGage Telecommunications II Corp. co-location service provides your company with a flexible, secure, carrier-grade facility to co-locate your Internet, Data Networking, and/or Voice equipment, connecting to our state-of-the-art IP infrastructure. Co-locating your equipment with M2 nGage Telecommunications II Corp. gives you more than just state-of-the art security and fail-safe provisions, but a direct connection to one of the nation’s largest fiber-optic networks. We offer many flexible options designed to grow with your business and help keep your network operating at the highest performance levels.


  • Affordable alternative to building out your own space
  • Leave the security and environmental protection systems to us
  • Access to facilities nationwide, making it easy to disperse your equipment geographically and protect it from natural or man-made disasters.
  • Flexible space and power options
  • Fast, simple set-up & deployment of service

Cabinets & Suites

  • Carrier-neutral environment
  • Battery & generator backup
  • Fire detection/suppression
  • 24 X 7 X 365 technical support
  • NOC performance Monitoring
  • Extensive security measures


  • Redundant cooling systems insure protection in the event of equipment failure
  • Cooling efficiently delivered through raised flooring for maximum temperature control.
  • Constant temperature maintained at 72 degrees (+/- 6 degrees)

Advanced Fire Detection

  • Smoke detection system above and below raised floor
  • Double-interlock, pre-action, dry-pipe fire suppression


  • Multi-layer security control procedures
  • Biometric palm readers
  • 24 x 7 closed-circuit video and alarm monitoring.
  • Cabinets are 23” fully lockable mesh.
  • Routine, quarterly testing of security policies and procedures.