M2 nGage 4G

M2 nGage Telecommunications II Corp. is in process to being one of the first communications provider to deploy a 4G network within a multi-tenant, commercial building in the United States. After successfully deploying its services in the first building in Manhattan, M2 nGage plans on rolling out its state-of-the art 4G network in major metropolitan areas across the country. M2 nGage’s 4G service will be a first-of-its kind converged cellular and wireless broadband network that will allow users to experience true next gen services.

Benefits of M2 nGage’s 4G Network

  • Wireless Device Internet access throughout the building = 99% in-building coverage.
  • Offload data usage in-building to M2 nGage’s network.
  • Reduces mobile network congestion.
  • Offers more bandwidth for new data intensive applications and devices.
  • Increase productivity for business professionals.
  • M2 nGage is “one-stop-shop” for all business communication needs.